B/W Photography Seminar, in Paros island, by Maria Drakaki

A valuable piece of Photosphere is its parallel actions!
One of these, we will have the pleasure and honor to be held by one of our participants, Maria Drakaki, Professor of Photography at the School of Fine Arts HISA ~ Hellenic International Studies in the Arts, who will give us a very nice introduction to the B/W darkroom.
Title and subject of the seminar: "Photogram".
The seminar is aimed at all those who want to experience a camera-free darkroom technique and want to enrich their knowledge of photography. Participation will be in the symbolic amount of 15 € and of a limited number, due to the specificity of the seminar.
Duration: 2 hours.
A commemorative watch and your personal “Photogram” will be given!
Entries by the 14th of July 2018 at our e-mail address: info@photosphere.gr


2nd Photosphere


We are pleased to announce the Participants of the 2nd Photosphere!

Athanasia Vatousi - Greece
Athanasios Dimou – Greece
Alan Gignoux – United Kingdom
Alfredo Covino – Italy
Anastasia Ouzounoglou – Greece
Vassilis Bontosoglou – Greece
Garyfalia Dimopoulou – Greece
Giorgos Aggelis – Greece
Chantal Formizzi – Italy
Doro Zinn - Germany
Emmanouil Spinos – Greece
Igor Ochmiansky – France
Kalliopi Hatzopoulou - Greece
Kika Petrinoli – Greece
Kimon Axaopoulos – Greece
Lampros Raptis – Greece
Maria Drakaki – Greece
Michele Palazzi – Italy
Mike Fan Tong Hwa – Taiwan / Greece
Monique Mailloux – USA / Greece
Nasir Javed – Pakistan / Greece
Nikos Efstratiou – Greece
Panagiotis Kalkavouras - Greece
Panagiotis Kaltsas – Greece
Panagiotis Tsikos – Greece
Rachael McArthur – USA
Stefano Rapino – Italy
Stefanos Paterakis – Greece
Phivos Pentes – Greece

Congratulations to you all!


Extension of submissions!


2nd Photosphere / Teaser 2 / Submissions are open!



2nd Photosphere / Teaser 1 / The 2 Islands