“About the Landscape”
Photography Seminar at Patmos!

Photosphere and Kimon Axaopoulos (participant, photographer and photography teacher) are inviting you to take part in the 6 hour long Photography Seminar that it will take part in Patmos during the weekend, 11 & 12 of August 2018.
Two days full of creativity which include theoretical chapters onto Landscape topic but also practical exercise on shooting landscapes with the instruction and expertise advises from the Ιnstructor.
Indicatively the topics that will be developed in the theoretical part will be about the frame’s composition, the perspective, the light and its metering, the kind of the lenses for day-time and night-time photoshoots and if the content of the audience is same educated, more expertised topics can be discussed such as the aerial or atmospherical perspective, the infinite distance etc.
The presentation will be enriched with projected pictures of renowned photographers and participants as well for critical commentary and feedback.
The possession of a Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera is desirable but not necessary.

Target Audience
To all this who use their camera as a tool of expression and want to improve their knowledge on photographing day-time and night-time landscapes.

Program and Venue
The theoretical parts of the Seminar will take place at “Patmion” Cultural Center on Saturday 11 of August (at 18:00) and Sunday 12 of August (at 11:30).
The field-based photoshoots will take place in different places of the island on Saturday, right after the theoretical part of the day.

Certificate of Attendance
With the fulfillment of the Seminar a Certificate of Attendance will be given to all the participants by the Instructor and the Organization.

Participation Fee & Payment Methods
The participation fee is the symbolic amount of 20,00 € and it will be fulfilled by the start of the Seminar.

Interested ones can submit their participation by sending an email at info@photosphere.gr or half an hour (17:30) before the beginning of the Seminar at its venue.
In case that the participations will exceed the number of 20, the Organizers will retain the participation order.




We would like to inform you that the Seminar "Mastering Portraits" which was scheduled for July 29th by our Judge Kosmas Koumianos, is postponed.
The new date and time of its conduct, will be announced in the coming days.


2nd Photosphere / Teaser 3 / The Participants


Photosphere and Kosmas Koumianos present the Seminar “Mastering Portraits”

To all passionate photographers amateurs and professionals who would love to expand their knowledge in Portraits, our Judge Kosmas Koumianos will present to them techniques and aesthetics which photographers will take advantage of them in order to expertise on this category.

The techniques and the aesthetics are about:

  • Photographic influences
  • Working with light
  • Studio vs location
  • Creating projects
  • Art direction
  • Working with magazines, covers & editorials
  • Building trust
  • Social media, using Ιnstagram
  • Technical tips & solutions

The Seminar will be held in Paros island, at the hall of the Cultural Society “Archilochos

on Sunday the 29th of July, time 16:00 and its duration will be 4 hours.

Entries by the 28th of July at info@photosphere.gr

Participation will be at the symbolic amount of 30,00 which can be paid before the beginning of the Seminar at the place of its conduct.

A Certificate of Attendance will be given.


Portfolio Reviews with Panagiotis Papoutsis in Patmos

We are happy to share with you another of our parallel actions which is the “Portfolio Reviews” and our new partnership with Photometria Festival!

Every photographer who will be in the island of Patmos will have the chance to come in touch with Panagiotis Papoutsis (Co-Founder of Photometria Festival) and be advised on how to build a Photo-Portfolio and how it can be developed into a complete series of images. In addition they will be given tips on how this Portfolio can help photographers to promote their work within photographic networks, international photo festivals and international photo competitions as well.

This action sets the foundations of a long-term partnership in which these two festivals will share common ideas, actions and images in order to highlight photography to individuals of different cultural interests.

-Interested parties can register by sending us an email at info@photosphere.gr, providing us with a short CV and a brief description of their photographic work in Greek or English until August 5, 2018.
-The selection of participants will be made by the organizers by keeping a priority order.
- Each participant will have a 20-minute session with the Reviewer.
- The maximum number of photographers will be 15 people / day (if there is a large amount of participations, Portfolio Reviews will be held for a second day as well).
- Each participant should have (15-20) printed photos that are all or a part of a photographic project, ideally in size no larger than 13x19cm.

The action will take place in the conference room of Patmos Cultural Center “Patmion”, on Sunday, August 12, 2018, from 17:00 onwards. Participants will be notified of the exact time of their appointment.

Participation is Free!


Panagiotis Papoutsis studied photography, business administration and has a master's degree in Cultural Management with specialisation in Photography Festivals. He has co-founded the Photometria International Photography Festival. As a photographer and manager of culture, he has organized numerous cultural events and photo exhibitions in Europe and has been invited to view portfolios at several European photo festivals.


Photosphere is traveling!


B/W Photography Seminar, in Paros island, by Maria Drakaki

A valuable piece of Photosphere is its parallel actions!
One of these, we will have the pleasure and honor to be held by one of our participants, Maria Drakaki, Professor of Photography at the School of Fine Arts HISA ~ Hellenic International Studies in the Arts, who will give us a very nice introduction to the B/W darkroom.
Title and subject of the seminar: "Photogram".
The seminar is aimed at all those who want to experience a camera-free darkroom technique and want to enrich their knowledge of photography. Participation will be in the symbolic amount of 15 € and of a limited number, due to the specificity of the seminar.
Duration: 2 hours.
A commemorative watch and your personal “Photogram” will be given!
Entries by the 14th of July 2018 at our e-mail address: info@photosphere.gr


2nd Photosphere


We are pleased to announce the Participants of the 2nd Photosphere!

Athanasia Vatousi - Greece
Athanasios Dimou – Greece
Alan Gignoux – United Kingdom
Alfredo Covino – Italy
Anastasia Ouzounoglou – Greece
Vassilis Bontosoglou – Greece
Garyfalia Dimopoulou – Greece
Giorgos Aggelis – Greece
Carolyn Scales - England - Greece
Chantal Formizzi – Italy
Doro Zinn - Germany
Emmanouil Spinos – Greece
Igor Ochmiansky – France
Kalliopi Hatzopoulou - Greece
Kika Petrinoli – Greece
Kimon Axaopoulos – Greece
Lampros Raptis – Greece
Maria Drakaki – Greece
Michele Palazzi – Italy
Mike Fan Tong Hwa – Taiwan / Greece
Monique Mailloux – USA / Greece
Nasir Javed – Pakistan / Greece
Nikos Efstratiou – Greece
Panagiotis Kalkavouras - Greece
Panagiotis Kaltsas – Greece
Panagiotis Tsikos – Greece
Rachael McArthur – USA
Stefano Rapino – Italy
Stefanos Paterakis – Greece
Phivos Pentes – Greece

Congratulations to you all!


Extension of submissions!


2nd Photosphere / Teaser 2 / Submissions are open!



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