It is time to announce the 3 winners of the "Time-lapse Action 2019"!
Our 3 Judges, Spyros Papanastassiou, Antonis Liakopoulos and Michalis Patsouras, evaluated the 10 chosen time-lapses and decided that the 3 awards go to...

1st Award:
Miguel Angel Ovalle from Colombia with "Kaleido"!

2nd Award:
Sergey Kosov from Germany with "Project X Hyperlapse"!

3rd Award:
Christian Uhlig from Norway with "Autumn Mist"!

Congratulations to the winners and to all that participated in the action!

3rd Photosphere / Teaser 2 / The Participants

3rd Photosphere


We are pleased to announce the Participants of the 3rd Photosphere!

Andrea Georgacopulo Protegdico - Italy
Andromachi Κakava - Greece
Athanasios Dimou - Greece
Carolyn Scales - England - Greece
Chantal Formizzi - Italy
Emmanuel Spinnos - Greece
Giorgos Angelis - Greece
Henri Kandiyoti - Turkey
Igor Ochmiansky - France
Ivalina Dakova - Bulgaria - Greece
Kalliopi Chatzopoulou - Greece
Kimon Axaopoulos - Greece
Lampros Raptis - Greece
Mike Fan Tong Hwa - Taiwan - Greece
Muriel Despiau - France
Mutlu Kurtbas - Turkey
Nasir Javed - Pakistan - Greece
Paula Munos - France
Pericles Loucopoulos - Greece
Stefano Rapino - Italy
Stefanos Paterakis - Greece
Xavier Delannoy - France

Congratulations to all of you!

3rd Photosphere “Get Ready!!!”