4th Photosphere
Paros, June 20th to July 4th
Patmos, July 20th to August 3rd

 We feel happy and hopeful to announce to you that the 4th International Open Air Photography Festival “Photosphere” will take place this year,
based on and according to all safety measures and the World Health Organization’s guidelines.

For the fourth time, the Aegean sea celebrates Photography:

  •       The Cycladic island of Paros will celebrate Photosphere at “Archilochos”, in Parikia, as well as at “Agios Athanasios”, in Naousa -for the first time- from June 20th to July 4th.
  •       The island of the Dodecanese, Patmos will celebrate Photography at “Patmion”, in Skala, as well as at “The Old Primary School”, in Patmos’ Chora -for the first time-, from July 20th to August 3rd.

All participants and visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy several parallel events, seminars, workshops, labs, music nights and benefit from the Photosphere’s synergies with other Festivals.

Stay tuned for the Festival’s program, news and updates!


Press Release

Photosphere celebrates the 200 years from the Greek Revolution
and honors its heroes! 
With the occasion of the 200 years from the 1821's Greek Revolution, the International Open Air Photography Festival “Photosphere” is fortunate to host the exhibition of the photographer Elias Pergantis dedicated to 1821.
These photographs represent his 4 year’s effort and systematic work spread around Greece, paying tribute to the heroes and all persons involved in the Revolution.
The exhibition will take place in summer 2021, during the 4th Photosphere in Paros and Patmos!
Good evening,
We would like to inform you that the 4th Photosphere is postponed for the summer of 2021.
Despite the efforts we made until the last minute, unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the rules following it and the difficulties that this crisis has brought to our partners and sponsors, the Festival is not possible to take place on the scheduled dates on both islands.
Αs we mentioned in our previous post, the selected participants will remain the same but other actions will take place in which other photographers will have the opportunity to participate.
We are armed with optimism and we are already preparing for the summer of 2021.
Be well, healthy and stay tuned for the actions that follow!


We are glad to announce the 25 participants of the 4th Photosphere!

Athanasios Dimou - Greece
Anna Maria Chatzistefanou - Greece
Andrea Georgacopulo Protegdico - Italy
Vaggelis Panagiotakopoulos - Greece
 Georgia Tsakalogianni - Greece 
Georgios L. Raptis - Greece
Giorgos Angelis - Greece 
Claudia Missailidis - Brazil
Dimitrios Christodoulellis - Greece
Emma Papadogeorgaki - Greece
Emmanuel Spinnos - Greece
Elias Galanakis - Greece
Igor Ochmiansky - France
Ilke Coskuner - Turkey
Ilknur Baltaci - Turkey
Kimon Axaopoulos - Greece
Lampros Raptis - Greece
Liane Linda Bencuya - Turkey
Maria Panagiotoglou - Greece
Max Stefanos Matthaiou - Greece / USA
Mike Fan Tong Hwa - Taiwan / Greece
Paraskevi Psychogyiou - Greece
Stefano Rapino - Italy
Stefanos Paterakis - Greece
Xavier Delannoy - France


We would like to thank those who submitted to the Festival, despite the difficult circumstances we have been living in the last few months, and to congratulate those who have passed.  
Until the end of May and depending on the developments of the pandemic, we will inform you if the 4th Photosphere will be held or will be postponed for the summer of 2021.   
In case of postponement, the selected participants remain the same but other photographers will be given the opportunity to participate in other actions of the Festival which will be announced in time.
The following summer will be different and difficult for all of us. The cultural events of any art form have been affected and most will either be postponed/cancelled or will be held under certain conditions that are likely to change their structure.               
But the most important thing of all is our health and we must give priority to it. 
So, we stay safe and hope for the best!