Amateur or professional photographers, from 17 years old and above, can take part in the Festival.

Those who are interested in participation, must fill and send the submission form which can be found on the Festival’s site until the 12th of May 2019 and time 23:55.

Participants of the 1st and the 2nd Photosphere have the right to re-enter the Festival by submitting different photos.

Every candidate can submit from 1 to 10 photographs with free theme. Photos must be in jpeg form and their size must not exceed the size of 1024 pixels (long side) and 700kb each.

The selection of photos is made by a Jury with the participation of prominent art professionals. The Jury, with its absolute decision, select the photographs for exhibition, without knowing the names of the participants. The Jury evaluates each photo separately and not all the photos of a participant as a project. Participants will be informed by the organization about the selected photographs.

In addition, the Jury has the right to exclude from the exhibition any participants whose photographs do not meet the aesthetic criteria at its discretion. In this case, the amount paid as a participation fee is not refunded.

The results will be announced by e-mail just like in our Facebook Page and our Site until the 25th of May 2019.

Exposed photographs must not be over 80cm (the long side), including the frame and they have to be delivered until the 25th of June 2019.

Participants will be charged with shipping and delivery costs for their photographs.

The way the photos will be presented is free. Nevertheless, the organizers advise participants to avoid the presentation on kapa fix because in the case of strong winds this material is easier to be damaged.

For the exhibition, a photo-book will be made in order to be sold. The photo-book will include the photographs selected for the exhibition as well as a short cv of each participant written in greek and english.

The commercial rights belong to the organizers and every participant will take a photo-book as gift.

Participation fee is set at 37€ including VAT and third party commissions.

For the students and the unemployed, by showing the corresponding card or confirmation, the amount is set at 27€ including VAT and third party commissions.

Participants who exhibit their work have the right to sell their photographs and the organization does not claim, any percentage . In this case, they must inform the organizers about the price and the number of copies (edition number) in order to create a pricelist that will be distributed to the visitors. The responsibility for selling the photographs is at sole responsibility of the participant and the organizers are not involved.


All the photographs must be original projects and the participants must be either the sole holders or holders of the copyright.

In photographs that include distinct faces, the creator must have their consent to exhibit the photograph. In this case of expose, the creator is responsible.

By applying the submission form, the participants retain full copyright over their work.

Participants also give to the organizers the right to make a photo-book consisted of the photographs selected for the exhibition along with a small text (up to 100 words) that they will send to the organizers.


At the International Open Air Photography Festival, all photographs will be exposed at their position every evening from 20:00 – 24:00 for all the duration of the festival. In case of inclement weather conditions, the exhibition will be closed. For the safety of your work, the photographs will be removed and be stored carefully every night and the next day they will be hung again at their places.

However, despite the organizers attention to the appropriate handling of the photographs, there is a possibility of damage. Therefore we suggest you to insure your artwork.

The organizers do not have any responsibility if the artwork gets damaged.


All the selected photographs can be published by the Festival, to the associated sponsors, magazines or books, websites, or any other way they choose to promote - advertise the Festival.

The Festival and the participants will not have any claim for compensation in such use.


The participants are bound and agree to the following terms:

  • The Decisions of the Art Jury for the selection of the photographs will be definitive.
  • The submissions are invalid if the Festival judges that is not original or if the entries are unreadable, incomplete, damaged, irregular, variable, fake, accidentally produced or obtained through fraud or theft.
  • The Festival reserves the right not to accept projects that do not meet the expected quality of production and presentation for the Festival.
  • The Festival retains the right to modify or extend the submission deadline due to its absolute discretion. In this case, the changes will be announced to the social media.

The participants will be bound by and agree to all of the above terms and conditions by sending their participation form.