1. All professional and amateur photographers and all those who love photography,  from 17 years of age and above, are eligible to participate.
  2. For the proper transaction of the theatrical show, the number of photographers allowed in the room will be up to 5.
  3. The theatrical shows that a photographer will be able to enter with his / her capacity, will depend on the number of participants, on the hours they will be able to spend and on the days they will be on the island.
  4. Each photographer will have a specific position in each room from which he should not move during the show.
  5. The operation of the camera during the performance should be silent or with the minimum sound allowed by the Organization.
  6. Photographers' travel and subsistence expenses are borne by themselves, but they will receive the discounts of the participants in the Meeting.
  7. Participants will receive a pass which they will have to show when entering the theater.
  8. The photos to be exhibited will be selected by the Organizing Committee of Photosphere and the Organizing Committee of the Aegean Amateur Theater Federation and will have the consent of the actors.
  9. The cost of printing the photographs for the exchibition are charged to the participants, and the size and print quality will be those decided by the Organization.
  10. Photographers have the right to sell their photos without the organization claiming a percentage. Photos will be sold under the responsibility of the participants and the organizers will not be involved.
  11. Participants should follow the new guidelines that may be issued during the Festival and comply with all the rules set by the Photosphere Organizing Committee, the Aegean Amateur Theater Federation and the Organizing Committee of Paros.
  12. Expiration of submissions September 30th at 23:59.